Habitat surface material

Anyone know what material is used for the habitat surface? want to buy some but not sure on the specs…

Thank you in advance,

The surfaces are HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) sheets

With “orange peel” texture.

The truth is, it seems that no one really knows. The AndyMark HDPE is pretty similar to the actual field HDPE.

It is “organe peel” HDPE, but there is a lot of variety in that.

Andymark’s HDPE https://www.andymark.com/products/hdpe-2-ft-x-4-ft-0-25-in-thick?via=Z2lkOi8vYW5keW1hcmsvV29ya2FyZWE6OkNhdGFsb2c6OkNhdGVnb3J5LzVhZjhlNDRjYmM2ZjZkNWUzNmYyMzlmZg

andymark is out of stock… looking for a equivalent from mcmastercarr…

US Plastic has HDPE sheet that is textured, very similar to the material FIRST uses. Take a look at the Seaboard UV Stabilized HDPE Sheet. It should be what you’re looking for and you can get it in convenient sizes. We’ve had very good service from US Plastic and use them for all our plastic supplies.

Just note that shipping costs are killer on this. I purchased the 48" x 48" x .25" Seaboard HDPE and ended up paying the price of the material again in shipping (to CT).

It’s still $120 for a sheet that’s the right size so it’s not terrible, but it’s not as much of a steal as it might appear based on the listed price

Laird Plastics sells it which is not far from you.
26403 Groesbeck Hwy, Warren, MI 48089
If you have a pickup truck, you can avoid shipping costs.

I believe this is the right one from Mcmaster-Carr https://www.mcmaster.com/9785t131

Alro plastics has it, you can order it in custom sized sheets.

For Midwesterners, Menards carries 1/4" 4x8 sheets IN STOCK, ~$50 per sheet. Looks like the Chesterfield store is close to the OP.


And - it does not say in the description, but it does have an “orange peel” finish on one side, smooth on the other.

We used two sheets of 4’x8’ 3/16" thick starboard in order to cut down on cost. 2 sheets (totaling around $200 if you drive to the warehouse) covers all of HAB lvl 1 and 3, and one side of lvl 2. Our platforms were constructed with a 3/16" sheet of plywood below the top surface that was removed before the HDPE was installed in order to keep the HAB dimensions accurate to the real field.