Hack Club ARG?

Yooooo Stable Quarters Horse Farm who else is doing this

Link from the qr code in the kickoff box btw


the note on the original post card reads: Only through four parts combined guidance forward you will find teams all 'round intertwined something something undefined(?) todo: finish poem - Hack Club

at the bottom of the website there is a rotating bar that reads: this page is meant to be viewed in internet explorer, there is also an email sign up for a newsletter on the newsletter page

in the blog for 2012-04-01 there is a not that reads as follows:
To Do Today
-talk to the about shoes
-polish bits
-re-oil the horse (for speed)
-check fence for rust
(and pick up WD40)
-call pat about cameras
(pin 0651)

in the blog post from 2016-06-28
if you view the exif data from the image you get 2 interesting things
Description: new stable gates being made
Subject: 5starfabrication

this blog post says it is still a draft and needs a 4 digit code to work: Stable Quarters Horse Farm 0651 does not seem to be the right pin, at least for me)

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the pin from the blog dosn’t work

5starfabrication looks like a real company: https://5starfabrication.com/

Maybe the numbers are correct but its scrambled

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a believe its also par t of the arg on their about about me:https://5starfabrication.com/about
they have a section that says:
“Don’t hesitate to trot on over and get in touch with us – we’re always ready to lend a helping hoof!”

which would be strange for a real company
they have a section on their website that says request a sample today im going to input my information into and see if i get anything interesting from

also entirely possible the numbers are scrambled

after submitting i got an output that said: “Successfully submitted! Check your email for a shipping confirmation. Your sample will ship within 3-4 business days”
checking my email i got an email put it your own information to get your own because it has personal information

5starfabrication is quite possibly fake, their website only has 2 accesible pages

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The UI looks so scuffed for a legit company.

No self-respecting software developer would make that lol

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yep and in the page you go to after the eamil you get confirmation it’s from hackerland

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if somebody could also fill out the form and see what your order id is i would be interested because mines 000046 and i want to see if it changes / any meaning

my order id is 000050

probably a counter/no significance then the events: Label created in Hackerland at January 8th, 2023, 12:50 am just updates with the current date

the horse game on the website is working better now, you can see more of the screen

I think the lines at the bottom have some kind of code. Ima work on cracking it.

Scratch that, I’ma go through inspect and see if anything pops out at me first

i got to 100 on the game nothing happened im not gunna mess with it until something tells us to
as well as the thing about viewing the website in internet explorer. i think the website has several audio codes or something though linked here:
(https://stablequarters.org/img/the-mind.png )
and all of the horses on Stable Quarters Horse Farm
have some strange text in the bois we can probably crack

the camera page runs on hunter2security the site looks legit at first glance but doesnt have any pages

I found something!

    el = document.getElementById("stable-one")
    el.addEventListener('input', e => {
        let key = "stable-one"
        let value = e.target.value || ''
        document.cookie = `${key}=${value}; Path=/; Max-Age=31556952`

This is write after the code making the weird text on the horse gate code. This means that an event will trigger it to change into something else. Try and explore around the page and check back on horse bios often.

i just called and activated the cameras

where did you get this from?