Hack3: Online Hackathon for High School Students: 6/25-6/26

In 2021, we hosted the world’s largest hackathon for high school students. This year, we’re back!

Hello everyone!

I’m Jonathan from Stormgears 5422. Some team members and I are helping to host Hack3, a global online hackathon from Saturday 6/25 to Sunday 6/26 (that’s this weekend!). Every year, we bring together hundreds of high school students from around the world to “hack” together solutions to today’s challenges via technology in the span of 24 hours.

We’re sponsored by 14 companies, including Github, Amazon, Slack, and Xylem, so it’s 100% free. We have tens of thousands of dollars in prizes and freebies, including free T-shirts shipped to US-based participants! (While supplies last)

Meet new friends, practice coding skills, and learn from mentors/judges this weekend at Hack3 2022! Maybe you’ll even win some prizes!

  • Online event done right: Zoom hangouts and team formation exercises so participants truly engage with each other. In addition, judging will be done live via Zoom! Participants will hop into meetings with our highly-esteemed judges and talk through their projects directly. Answer questions and get feedback, all live!
  • Learn at workshops: We’re running workshops with domain experts like Amazon employees.
  • Free intro to hackathons course: We’re running a free coding class for beginners so they can succeed during the event! No coding experience? Don’t fret! Attend live or watch recordings.
  • We’ve done it before: Last year, we had 350+ participants, making us the largest hackathon for high school students that year. The year before, in 2020, we had 275 participants.
  • Equal opportunity for all: We’re providing financial aid in the form of internet bill compensation and free DoorDash for low-income participants. Now, everyone can succeed! Learn more on our website.

Website: https://hack3.co/
Register: https://hack32022.devpost.com/

Tag along your FRC team, and let your other friends know about us!

Thanks so much!
Happy to respond to any questions below :slight_smile:


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