Hacking a Wheelpilot

The control board of my Simrad wheelpilot is bricked. Unfortunately, they don’t make or support it anymore. I can access the motor leads and supply 12v in both polarities and make it work in a manual mode. My son, a veteran FIRSTer suggests I use the Wild Thumper Controller Board: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/11057

Has anyone had experience with this? It is designed to use a rechargable 7.2v RC battery, but I will be supplying 12 v from my boat batteries (max 18v per specs).

Even when it’s not FIRST season, we can still be doing the fun stuff!

It looks like the wheelpilot was meant to be hacked. Seems like you can put your own control code on it :).

But yes, the FETs can handle the 12V (they probably go up to 60V), and so can the regulator on the board (probably goes up to 12-18V). I’d be slightly more concerned at the battery charging circuity, even though you won’t try charging through it, but I would assume it won’t be an issue.