hackMHS: New Jersey High School Hackathon

Hi everyone! Millburn High School is hosting a 24 hour hackathon on December 9th (going into December 10th).

hackMHS is about building a close community in which students of all backgrounds can make new friends, learn new skills, and grow as developers.

If you don’t know, a hackathon is an event where people of any skill level can come together to either create a project or develop computer science skills. Whether you love music, gaming, design, hardware, biology, or anything else, come to hackMHS to discover where your interests meet technology, and collaborate with other enthusiastic students to build a cool project. This year, the event is MLH Sponsored and a hardware lab is available to make some really cool projects.

hackMHS is located at the Millburn High School (462 Millburn Ave), which is only 30 minutes from New York City and 40 minutes from Trenton. The event is open to all high school students, and we encourage members of robotics teams to join us. Also, we are looking for mentors, feel free to sign up on our website.

If you want to go, or for more information, please go to our website (hackmhs.com).