*Had Great Wall after Boilermaker Regional Base*

Great Wall (Chinese Food) + Team 45 + Team 447 + Engineering Inspiration Award + Kmart + ??? = Profit!

Expect Pictures later…

And spinners. Lewis+wheelchair+moving little kid truck outside=funny

Kmart: “Security Section Four” + Lewis in the wheelchair, good times haha :slight_smile:

What about chopsticks+ice cream?
and napkins+coke+salt+sugar+pepper+soy sauce+Lewis drinking it all?

How about we get some pictures and then someone explain what happened, so that all of us that weren’t there are not left in the dark? :smiley:

The pics are mainly on Lewis’ camera, and they are still going home to Anderson right now.

We made it home, but I dont know when the pictures will be up. . . sooon though.
BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: Engineering Inspiration! :ahh:

hmm doesnt Kmart have a blue light special? hmm

I know something that is about like $16.99 or somethin like that, in the coffee maker area or something.

Too bad the wheelchair had to stay outside…