Hair Clippers


Our team is flying in from Israel (woo! :slight_smile: ) and would like to get some crazy haircuts for the championship! Alas, all our clippers are rated for 220v-240v… :frowning:

Anyone staying at or near the Hyatt Regency and is bringing or can bring an electric hair clipper?

Thanks for helping the team get into the championship spirit! :smiley:


Call or email the Hyatt and ask if their bathrooms have a 240V shaver outlet. I know the Hyatt Regencys outside the US have plugs for both. Whether or not the US-based ones are kind enough to return the courtesy… :rolleyes:

If you don’t get a good answer back, PM me, I’m a Diamond with Hyatt and can get a better answer for you.


Great Idea Eric! I called them just now and unfortunately got a negative answer… after a lot of:

So I guess the request is still relevant with the additional idea of a 110v-to-220v converter than can handle an electric hair clipper (I don’t own one…)

Thanks again!

There is a CVS pharmacy a few blocks from the Hyatt that you can grab one for about $15 - $30. That is probably cheap enough to use them how you need to then just donate or abandon them at the end of your stay. 8 minute walk each way.

Have a safe trip!,+CVS+Pharmacy,+909+Chestnut+St+%23105,+St+Louis,+MO+63101&daddr=hyatt+downtown+st+louis&hl=en&ll=38.625622,-90.189514&spn=0.008583,0.01502&sll=38.626409,-90.191928&sspn=0.004291,0.00751&geocode=FSdpTQIdX72f-illU7-QGbPYhzF1sSIOqJPpOA%3BFYpjTQIdR9ef-iEb3Sp_QttePyldhvXlHbPYhzEb3Sp_QttePw&t=h&gl=us&dirflg=w&mra=ltm&z=16

Any reason you do not clip your hair before you leave for the USA? Concerned it may delay you through security?

On behalf of FRC Team 4063, TRikzR4kidZ, I would like to buy and donate an electric hair trimmer to y’all. We are staying at the Hyatt and we will be there Tuesday night.

Mr. B.

Mr. B.,

That’s very generous and nice of you, Thanks!
I hope it’s ok, but I’m still hoping someone will be able to lend us one since we won’t really be needing it after that one day…


No problem, I cant wait to see the designs. I can always put it in the trailer and take it back with us, if you don’t need it after champs.

Mr. B.