Hair Donation?

I’m getting a buzz cut haircut for a local Relay for Life/American Cancer Society Team 1153 is participating in tonight at our high school. As the hair is long (yeah, :eek: ) but not long enough, I’m wondering if anyone knows of a place I can donate almost 8 inches. Preferably, some place that is legit, of course.

(I’d shamelessly plug the link, but I didn’t get an answer from the CD powers-that-be if it was okay.) :wink:

As you’ve probably discovered, most organizations which take hair donations typically require the hair to be at least 10" long. The Canadian Cancer Society has compiled a list of organizations which accept hair donations and it looks like they’ve added some which will take hair that’s 8" long. Take a look:

I hope your hair can be put to good use. The thought and the effort will definitely be appreciated.