Half life or Halo

so this is very thought provoking to serious gamers who have played both titles. Which do you think is better and why or if you think they are both equally powerful tell why you think so. This can also include the mods. (I.e. half life has CS etc…, Halo has NMP, CXE, CE etc…)

Half life 4 teh win!!!

Halo, duh.

Oh wait, I don’t play video games… :ahh:

So close… I had to say both. They’re awesome for different reasons. Half-Life had some kick-$@#$@#$@# scripted sequences, and of course the greatest mods ever made. Halo had better single-player story and better built-in multiplayer.

Half Life came first and defined the category, so I’ve got to go with HL.

I loved HL 1 but my computer def cant run hl2. But i do love me some halo, so i went with both

halo ALL THE WAY!!! … even though half life is good… halo>half life

Half Life.

It was the perfect marriage of story, action and puzzles. With a vibrant modding community, the game never got old. We still play large Day of Defeat games at college, and there is always a populated Counter Strike server up on the lan.

To this day, that head crab screech tweaks me out. Does that make me a pansy?

-Andy A.

halo>half life

same here!!

i loved halo 1 and 2 but the 2nd one i finished very fast if they made it longer it would be better.

Half life came before Halo, and Half Life 2 revolutionized the genre again (albeit later than expected >.>)

In my opinion, Halo never contained an element that made it stick out from another game in the genre. It had vehicles like BF1942, it had cutscenes like in mgs (though not nearly as awesome /kojimafanboy), and it had gameplay like every other fps ever.

I am surprised at how close it came out. I expected that Half life would win by a much larger majority. Then again Halo is becoming one of the largest franchises in N.America. Half life 2 is also to be released to the XBOX september 1. Will see how many it sells on console. I know I will pick up a copy.