half link chain link

does anyone know where we can get a half link for our chain? i think its #35. the one that comes in the kit. i know mcmastercarr has it, but then we’d have to order, so anyone know what local stores might have them? this halflink im talking about is called a offset link single strand" by mcmastercarr.
wed like to have this as soon as possible. thanks for your help!

A local bike store would probably have chain.

Bikes don’t use #35 chain, it’s slightly narrower

I think we found chain related stuff at OSH, before, not sure though.

Lowes has them in the Specialty Hardware section.

really? awsome!!! i drove around for hours today looking around about 4 bikes hops and none had them. some had no clue what i was asking for even when i drew a picture…
well, im off to lowes tomorrwo then!

Lowes probably also won’t know what you are talking about, but I’m pretty sure that if you carefully search the hardware, you should be able to find it, at least if the Lowes where I live is like the Lowes where you live. They also have regular connecting links and roller chain.

awsome. well if they dont have it ill go raid all the hardware stores instead of bike stores tomorrow. thanks!

I know u said u really want to avoid ordering the 1/2 links but i also believe grainger / msc companies also carry it not sure though you would have to check the 500+ page magazines they have =)

yay! i went to jeans today and they had some. great store!! so we’re good to go now! (watch out other OCCRA teams, we have a sharp robot this year!)*hint :smiley:

35 chain and links are usually available wherever they sell parts for go-karts and minibikes. I get them at Loew’s or at Northern Tool. If possible, avoid using 1/2 links. There are full links and also 1 1/2 offset links. It is better to grind off another link and use a 1 1/2 link than a half link. They are stronger.