Half Practice Field for 4360, 7048 & Bison Robotics Ri3D

Just completed the half practice field for 4360 Spudnick, 7048 Red River Rage & Bison Robotics Ri3D. Huge shout out to the STEM Alliance and Bison Robotics Ri3D for building this for the teams to use!

The truss system is actually 4818’s pit. We thought it would be quicker to use that instead of building the A frame FIRST provided prints for.




Bison Robotics Ri3D video with some video of the field building


Very cool!

Looking at the plans I was a little worried about the black iron pipe suspended from holes in 1/2 plywood, albeit supported in many places. Now that you’ve built it, what do you think? Should we substitute 3/4, or otherwise beef up the design?

I will admit before we got everything in place, I was a little worried myself. After we got everything in place and secured, I think the 1/2" will be strong enough. The the outer supports add a bit of strength to it. With some decent 1/2" plywood, it should be just fine for practice and building.

We did do a quick test with the weight similar to two robots and it seemed okay however we did not leave the weight on for a prolonged time.

I hope to try to get two robots hanging on it before week 0! However the no students hanging from the bar rule is highly recommended.

Just saw Bison Robotics Ri3D did some testing on the feild. Check it out!


Thanks! I think we’ll use high-quality 3/4 ply (ie Baltic birch) for the critical pieces, and reinforce the critical parts with glue and clamping as well as screws. (Ours has to stand up to scrimmage…).

I am wondering if this robot is in violation of G18 (example C in the blue box). At 11/12 seconds the rope is clearly greater than 1 ft out of the plane of the bumpers. Thus, this seems to be of questionable legality.

seems fixed on the subsequent climb attempt

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We also have to remember that they were testing. That’s why we build practice fields so that teams can test and figure out how to do everything within the rules.

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