Hall Effect Sensors


This this season is officially over for my team, it is time for me to learn how to code a hall effect sensor. My mentor has bought some, and now what is the best way to hook it up and derive rotations of a wheel from it?


Post the part number and manufacturer

We used a hall effect sensor for our shooter wheel this year.

Our code is at https://github.com/rbmj/612-code - shooter.{h,cpp} and launch_counter.{h,cpp} may be of interest to you. Note that we care about frequency more than rotations, so if you want rotations you can just use the stock counter class.

The ones we got are from Electronix Express / RSR. The Part Number on that site is 11UGN3144. But I believe the general Part Number is just UGN3144.


I can’t find that on DigiKey. Electronix Express doesn’t give much data on the sensor either…

Edit: Found it at http://www.datasheet4u.net/download.php?id=517532

That looks good. I’d test it with a breadboard and then yeah, just use the counter class.