HALL OF FAME 2017 - Predictions

Who are you betting on for Chairman’s Award? Select 1.

3132 for me.

Additionally, who will be your Finalist predictions?

"At both FIRST Championship locations this year, we will be introducing recognition for ‘Chairman’s Award Finalists’. Three teams from all the Chairman’s Award contenders at each location will be identified as Finalists for our most prestigious award, the Chairman’s Award. These teams will be identified during the Divisional awards ceremonies Saturday morning at each location. During the Einstein finals later in the day, these teams will have places of honor to sit and watch the competition while waiting for the one Chairman’s Award winning team to be announced.

Chairman’s Award Finalists will not be selected one per each of the three Divisions, but from the entire pool of Chairman’s Award candidates attending each location. This means it’s possible for a single Division at a given location to have zero, one, two, or even all three Chairman’s Award finalists. We are taking this approach to ensure the finalists identified really are the top three contenders for our most important award at each location."

My money is on 503. They’re long overdue after being a winner at MSC for as long as I can remember, not to mention they’re an awesome team who really, truly deserves it.


1902’s program represents what FIRST is all about, if anyone follows them on social media, you’d quickly realize how much they do for the community.

This year’s Hall of Fame team is nearly impossible to predict (like always) as there are so many amazing teams.

For the finalists, I’m going to go with 2468, 1902, and 3132.

At North Champs, 1511. Rolling Thunder has been on this path since their rookie year.

^+1. Frog Force’s impact on spreading FIRST core values is hard to overstate. Also, they have a very long stretch of DCA and RCA banners.

To be a bit less Michigan-centric: I was very impressed by 1511 at Midwest. They were a top-tier AC and a GP model, simultaneously and with no apparent strain. I’m sure that duck’s feet were moving furiously below the surface, but above-water it moved gracefully and made it look easy. This was my first time seeing them at a Regional.

If 135 wins IN State Chairmans, I bet they will be a Finalist in St. Louis. It’s a really great program and a really unique one from what I have seen and heard.

I think 2881 would be in the running for the award, great team to talk to!

2338 has won Midwest Chairmans three years in a row and they are probably the most influential team in northern illinois. I don’t know enough about teams from other regions, but I think 2338 would be a strong candidate.

My (totally subjective) guesses:
South: 3132, 2468, 1311*
North: 1511, 503*, 1885*
*Contingent on winning at DCMP
I will have a better feel for this after I’ve read the essays for this year’s DCMP winners.

We’ll be missing a number of teams that I would have expected to be contenders this year-- it’s been a poor year for long streaks.

But there are two champs, so why not #twopredictions

Finalists, South Champs: 1311, 1902, 3132
Winner, South Champs: 3132

Finalists, North Champs: 503, 1511, 1241
Winner, North Champs: 1511

Agreed, it is unbelievable that this is their first Chairman’s Win, let alone their first banner. A great team to work with, on and off the field.

To shake things up, I think we might see 66 have some success at North Champs. They’re a fairly new winner at MSC (one year and, hopefully, a second is on its way), but everyone that has any interaction with them comes out of the conversation astonished by this group of young people. I’m told you can’t watch their video without shedding some tears.

My experience with 66 has been nothing but positive, and I think we may see them end up with one of those coveted finalist spots.

Agreed on 1511. The work they do for FIRST Rochester is incredible. I’d also anticipate seeing 3015 as a finalist. Their program has gotten bigger and better at spreading their message over the past few years.

Another major contender for North Champs - 1241.

At South Champs I feel like 3132 has to be a lock for it, although 1902 can make a good case as well.

1540 has been the premier team Oregon for as long as I can remember. They are the definition in my mind of a chairmens award winning team. Every year they impress me more, here is their video for this year.

I can’t imagine them not winning one of the chairmans awards this weekend at PNW and I hope they receive national recognition of what they have been doing for years, this year in Houston.

My vote would be for 525 to be in the running at North Champs, but I’m shocked they won’t be in the running this year. They’re an incredible program to say the least.

1816 from MN should have a good chance at North Champs. Their impact on MN robotics is incredible.

They are due.

I would bet money on 503 and 1885 winning chairman’s at their respective DCMPs. I don’t know enough about 1311 to say for sure, but they very likely will as well. I know I said earlier on some other thread that the first CHS team to make the hall of fame will be 1885, and I stand by that statement. I don’t know if it will be this year, but split champs sure does increase those odds.

I find it interesting that FIRST is deciding to bring back the CA finalist. They used to do that a long time ago. I guess now that the number of Chairman’s deserving teams is growing much faster than the hall of fame, perhaps FIRST wants to recognize a few more teams.

I actually have no clue how they didn’t win at either regional. (I have some suspicion at Iowa, but I’ll withhold it for the sake of the thread) The Shenzhen regional is the culmination of their international outreach, and they’ve done a ton of stuff for local teams in the past 5 years. I’m certain they will win it at Worlds very soon though.