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Does anyone know if there has ever been a full Hall of Fame alliance at a competition? This meaning that all 3 alliance partners were inducted into the FIRST Hall of Fame by that time. It’s always been a wonder of mine, and since this question can’t be used with the API to my knowledge, I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience and examples. The only one I can think of that kind of fits it is the 2016 First in Michigan Howell District, where 51 (a merger of 47 and 65), 67, and 2834 (would be inducted in 2018) won the district.

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Please, please learn to use the Blue Alliance API. I appreciate your interest in FRC history, but the vast majority of your questions are answerable via the TBA API and don’t really generate further interesting discussion.


There is one match which was not on TBA and to the best of my knowledge has no footage anywhere that definitely happened and meets your criteria.


“On Friday morning Teams 254, 1538, and 16 played against Teams 111, 67, and 103 in a Hall of Fame match that the Weather Channel recorded to promote the FIRST Championship. Team 254’s alliance won with a score of 616 to 441 in this 4 minute long match.”


I found 44 matches meeting your criteria. Admittedly several of these predate the three robot era. Honestly hardest part of this was getting a list of Hall of Fame teams and TBA provides that too.

Match Alliance
2002new_qm92 [‘frc365’, ‘frc175’]
2003new_sf2m2 [‘frc27’, ‘frc254’]
2004ca_qm9 [‘frc987’, ‘frc597’]
2008arc_sf1m1 [‘frc987’, ‘frc842’, ‘frc365’]
2008new_qm74 [‘frc175’, ‘frc341’, ‘frc359’]
2016mihow_qf1m1 [‘frc2834’, ‘frc67’, ‘frc51’]
2008arc_qf2m1 [‘frc987’, ‘frc365’, ‘frc842’]
2003cur_qm24 [‘frc16’, ‘frc103’]
2003gal_sf1m2 [‘frc341’, ‘frc236’]
2004gl_qm109 [‘frc27’, ‘frc67’]
2002ct_qm101 [‘frc103’, ‘frc236’]
2016mihow_f1m1 [‘frc2834’, ‘frc67’, ‘frc51’]
2003gal_qf3m1 [‘frc341’, ‘frc175’]
2003gal_f1m1 [‘frc341’, ‘frc175’]
2008arc_f1m3 [‘frc987’, ‘frc365’, ‘frc842’]
2003cmp_sf1m2 [‘frc175’, ‘frc236’]
2004pa_qm69 [‘frc365’, ‘frc341’]
2016mihow_sf1m1 [‘frc2834’, ‘frc67’, ‘frc51’]
2003gal_sf1m1 [‘frc341’, ‘frc236’]
2002nj_qm90 [‘frc175’, ‘frc103’]
2008arc_sf1m2 [‘frc987’, ‘frc842’, ‘frc365’]
2016mihow_f1m2 [‘frc2834’, ‘frc67’, ‘frc51’]
2016mihow_qf1m2 [‘frc2834’, ‘frc67’, ‘frc51’]
2008arc_qf2m2 [‘frc365’, ‘frc842’, ‘frc987’]
2016mihow_sf1m2 [‘frc2834’, ‘frc67’, ‘frc51’]
2013iri_qm48 [‘frc987’, ‘frc1114’, ‘frc67’]
2004oh_qm11 [‘frc120’, ‘frc67’]
2003new_qf2m1 [‘frc27’, ‘frc254’]
2011new_qf2m1 [‘frc27’, ‘frc16’, ‘frc842’]
2008arc_f1m2 [‘frc842’, ‘frc365’, ‘frc987’]
2003gal_qm123 [‘frc175’, ‘frc341’]
2003gal_f1m2 [‘frc341’, ‘frc236’]
2003new_sf2m1 [‘frc27’, ‘frc254’]
2008arc_f1m1 [‘frc842’, ‘frc365’, ‘frc987’]
2002oh_qm67 [‘frc120’, ‘frc67’]
2002oh_qm19 [‘frc67’, ‘frc254’]
2002nj_qm24 [‘frc175’, ‘frc103’]
2012cur_qm46 [‘frc120’, ‘frc3132’, ‘frc597’]
2003cmp_sf1m1 [‘frc341’, ‘frc175’]
2003pa_qf4m1 [‘frc365’, ‘frc341’]
2012iri_qm62 [‘frc16’, ‘frc2834’, ‘frc1114’]
2003gal_qf3m2 [‘frc341’, ‘frc236’]
2004gal_qm106 [‘frc365’, ‘frc236’]
2011new_qf2m2 [‘frc27’, ‘frc16’, ‘frc842’]
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Many of these teams were not Hall of Fame at the time the match was played.


100% of these matchups occurred before all the teams in them were HoF… The bolded one ( 2003cur_qm24) is the closest to being true in this data set.

Just figured that out, I’d count it because they did get Hall of Fame that comp.

This match?


Your words…

So, let’s break this problem down:

For each year generate a list of the current HoF Teams.

Then look for matches where one alliance consists solely of those teams.

In a language with decent set operations this should be fairly simple - we’re asking for any matches in which Red_Alliance is a subset of HoF_Teams or Blue_Alliance is a subset of HoF_Teams.

And then we run this query for each year.

Hopefully, I can remember how I used to run these sort of queries quickly tonight otherwise it’s going to be another long night fighting with tools I built :frowning:

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I’ll be damned. I spent more than a half hour looking for that a few months back. Glad to have been wrong :exploding_head:

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