Hall of Fame - WFA Petition


WE THE UNDERSIGNED hereby petition FIRST to include all past and present Championship Woodie Flowers Award winners in the FIRST Hall of Fame. The reasons for this petition are as stated:
1.) To publicly recognize all Championship Woodie Flowers Award recipients
2.) To display their efforts and achievements for all FIRST members to emulate
3.) To provide an update of the recipients’ achievements after receiving the Woodie Flowers Award

The primary suggestion is to showcase these winners similar to the Chairman’s Award recipients. It should “showcase the individuals’ achievements and support for FIRST and highlight how the individual continues to promote FIRST, while showing what it means to be a Woodie Flowers Award recipient.”

To quote the manual, “Unlike other Halls of Fame, the model teams in the FIRST Hall of Fame are not retired, but begin a new phase of participation, requiring additional activities to achieve Hall of Fame Star Status.” To this end, the sponsored team of each WFA mentor would provide a display showing the mentor’s past and current achievements, including the winning submission and any updates in a form similar to how past regional WFFA award winners are renominated.


  • Inspired by Koko Ed’s comment here.

Attached: Printable Petition to sign at Regionals.

Edit: Please reply to this thread, and only once, to sign.



Adam M. Richards

The WFA Winners deserve it guys! Sign away!

Just to let you know. After recieving a pm from Koko Ed, I contacted the HOF committee with this request - waiting to hear back. Will post when I recieve a response.

Mike Aubry

Jay Trzaskos

Come on guys, they are some of the most inspiring mentors in FIRST and we owe this to them.

Joseph W. Matt

I printed out my copy that I will be going around with in New Jersey on Saturday (with Rah Cha Cha Ruckus stuff to lure teams from there to this year’s Ruckus).
Be ready to sign.

The problem comes to mind that a regional WFA win doesn’t get a team a spot in Atlanta, nor does winning WFA at the Championship. That said, I agree with the spirit of the idea.

William J. Leverette, Jr.

Going to the championship isn’t the real reason for the HOF anyways (heck 103 is skipping the championship and they are a HOF team). The honor still should be given.

Okay - here is the latest

(letter from me to HoF committee)
I am writing on behalf of a number of Chiefdelphi registered participants that have inquired about having a place set aside in the Hall of Fame for the previous National Woody Flowers Award winners.

There is strong belief that the winners should be spotlighted in a manner similar to the HOF teams, and that both the HOF winners and WFA winners possess many of the fine attributes that FIRST is proud of.

Please communicate this proposal to the HOF committee for consideration.

(fresh from the email I recieved as a response)
Thank you for your interest. This proposal will also have to be brought before the Woodie Flowers team as well as the HoF team for discussion. The Championship floor plan has already been set for 2006, but I will have your comments brought up for discussion for future years.

So - there you go. Just wanted everyone to have this information and let you decide what/how much effort you want to put into this petition idea.

Mike Aubry