Hallow-Shaft encoders

Hi Guys! I found this website that has Hallow-shaft Optical Encoders with quadrature output. Do you guys think its appropriate to use this sensor with our 2005 navigation FRC code. The code that Kevin provided. The link to the encoder site is http://www.quantumdev.com/products/optical_encoders/qd787_hollow.html
Please Reply. Thanks for your time

-:::-::-Jigar Patel-::-:::-

If it passes the FIRST flowchart, you can use it.

Honestly? Yes, you could use it. But I’d have to ask why… It has an incredible resolution which (if the processor can keep up at all) would seem way too high for any application I can think of for a FIRST robot. It also looks expensive.

Last, I’d like to point out that Kevin’s code is an example for you to follow. It’s still your responsibility to write and test what goes in your robot… There is no plug-and-play here.