Halloween Minecraft Arena

Hey guys,
I will try to have a Halloween Arena tomorrow on Halloween! Come online if you are interested
Server IP: devstuff.no-ip.biz

See ya online!
:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

What version? 1.7? I’ve been having problems with it and have reverted to 1.6.4, thats why I ask.

1.6.4. the plugins required aren’t for 1.7 yet. I’ll try to update it. Bad idea to have this be my first MC server

Awesome, I’ll logon later with a bag of candy beside me!

I have to use optifine because, for some unknown reason, I get 0fps after three minutes of playing at 90, despite a pretty nice card:/

Darn it. I was hoping to see many more people to join the server. By the way guys, I am planning on doing this every year!
:frowning: :smiley: :frowning: :smiley: :frowning:

BTW, Invictus, how was the bag of candy? I wish my mom was kind enough to allow me to help myself to a three-pound sack of candies and chocolate!
::ouch:: :smiley: ::ouch:: :smiley: ::ouch::

Haha, it ended up being pie and it was pretty great XD