I can’t believe it’s already October. The last memory I have was ribbing Dave Lavery at IRI… sigh.

But… October means Halloween, one of my favorite holidays ever! Personally, I hate scary movies… but I get to dress up like a dork! and the CANDY! Who can forget the candy? (I’m a big advocate of candy.)

So, I figured… who better to tell me about their crazy Halloween costumes and adventures in the name of candy, than the kids that dress up in giant hats and wear all pink in the name of robots?

I need some suggestions for this year’s costume, too.


I seem to know a team that would appreciate that one…

I found a lot of cool ones, like Snow White, Tinkerbell, and even Cruella DeVille (I think my boyfriend would say that one fits the best). Any ideas?

Oh, and what’s your favorite kind of candy for Halloween? I like Bit-O-Honey. :slight_smile:

/edit: I could always go in my costume from our CD Costume Party… maybe I can go as leftovers… I could go as a giant… or I could even go as Slash… or a mechanic… hrmn. :slight_smile:

Not sure if I’ll be going out this year but since there is a halloween thread, this picture needs to be put in:
Guess who?
Sorry Dave :rolleyes:

-Steve Howland

P.S. Favorite Candy: Milky Way

I seem to find the average ones interesting. I’ll attach my pic of when I was 2 in an astronaut outfit. It was very annoying yet cute. shrug
Favorite candy: ooooh…I gotta go with the lollipops. Though I can’t get enough of Milky Ways either…:wink:

Meh, I ran out of veriety on halloween. I found my ultimate evil right here :).

Original, but VERY VERY evil. My kind of taste >=)

amanda… you can be a bunny… :stuck_out_tongue:

i will pick what i want to be later on and will edit this post… :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t like halloween too much. I’m a big scardy cat.
But this is the coolest costume EVER!!!

What about a robot? It would be quite easy with a roll or two of aluminum foil and some flexible clothes dryer duct. Of course, if you can’t think of anything else, you always have this idea to fall back on! :stuck_out_tongue:

As for me I don’t dress up anymore. Instead I decorate the yard differently every year for Halloween. I have 11 spotlights, several black lights, 3 fog machines, 20 some grave stones, a coffin, and numerous skeletons and other figures. This year it’s mainly going to be a graveyard since I haven’t done one in a few years.
Last year I did a funeral. I spent a week converting my spare car, an '87 Chevrolet Caprice Classic wagon into a hearse complete with fabric over the windows and a fake coffin in the back. I had someone offer to bring up a real hearse (I just hope it’s empty! :eek: ) but I never took him up on the offer. I put my wagon back to stock since I still drive it at times but it was worth it for that one day.

As for favorite candy, anything with chocolate as long as it doesn’t have nuts (I’m allergic to nuts).

I’m going to bring back this guy:

Do a little work to him…try to find a better wig and maybe some leather gloves to hide my hands. Maybe ill vary the outfit a bit…we’ll see

A few years ago, one of my friends tried to be a giant raisin for Halloween. She wore a garbage bag, and at every house, whoever was giving out candy would ask her what she was. I don’t think I’m going to dress up, but if I did I would probably be some kind of food object, maybe a sandwich.

I, too, don’t like scary movies either. They’re too…scary for me. :frowning:

I think I’m gonna try this or some kind of dark, mysterious monk robe.

I used to enjoy Halloween a lot, but then I worked in a party store last October (need I say more?). Having to deal with customers who can’t understand that some costumes are already sold out by the week before Halloween :eek: and leave piles of costume pieces and packages in the dressing rooms, and having managers breathing down my neck to push the costume accessories, not to mention hearing “Thriller” every 5 minutes (a good song, which is now also ruined for me), killed most of my Halloween spirit.
But there are rumors of a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show here on campus this Halloween (with the audience participation), which could very well rekindle my spirit.

i think last year i dressed up in a vampire mask, a hawian tshirt, a hawian hat thing and shorts. ther was one little kid who said “Mommy can i touch the monster?”

I’m hoping to be a happy Bills fans watching the Bills slap around the Cardinals at the Ralph on Halloween.

Well, last year, i was the Stay Puft Marshmellow from Ghostbuster. It was pretty insane, people were staring at me the whole day, and my teachers couldnt get over it. Ill try to get a picture up if i can find one.

I still cant think of what im going to be this year, b/c i gotta upstage that. One of my friends and i were thinking of being Luigi and Mario. We also have people set up to be a Koopa Troopa, Toad, Daisy, and Peach. So that might be pretty good.

OK, so I started working at the Haunted Graveyardthis weekend, and I am a house manager for two houses.

I wear an all grey costume and wear a glow in the dark wolf face costume which looks great in the pitch black cave…

I will be working on Halloween, and the day before (btw) Oct 30th I will be turning 25. :cool:

Working at a toy store, I hear at least 3 times a day ‘You look a lot like harry potter, did you know that?’.

Although I don’t really care for the books, I’ve decided to give in. This year, I am going as Harry Potter… in 10 years.

I figure everyone loves him now, but whats he giong to be like 30 years from now when he’s washed up and no one really remembers who he is? Everyone will find out this Halloween; Poorly shaven, tattered robe, big bottle of butter beer in a bag, sick owl and who knows what else. Should be fun.

Plus it’s an excuse to not shave for a few days so I can build up some nice stubble.

-Andy A.

I havent’ quite decided what my costume will be yet. It’s going to partially depend on what the theme of the party is this year (last year was an Edgar Allan Poe theme). But two ideas I’ve been thinking about are just buying a whole bunch of spiders (not real ones) from the craft store and sewing them all over my clothing and going as a random victim from a cheesy horror movie or sewing a bunch of odd socks to my clothes and going as the Thing That Lives In the Washer And Steals Your Socks, otherwise called a Sock Monster.


I’ll have to send you a pic of one of the props from the Haunted Graveyardthat I work at. It’s of a spider victim. A body completely wrapped in spider webs and spiders crawling all over it. It would actually be a cool costume, and if you do make one, let me know the details on how you did it. We may incorporate that into a costume for an actor in that house next year.

A Domo-Kun
find one here (the brown looking twinkie with the mouth)
If you can find a Domo-Kun costume and don’t want to use it, PLZ ship it to me!!! :slight_smile:

It is a sunday. I think for this Halloween, I am going to throw a football party.