Halo 1 or Halo 2

which do you think is better. Halo 1 or Halo 2

I’ve never seen the 1.1 version before… what’s different?

But overall, I like Halo 1 better. Halo 2 has great potential, but I don’t really like it. Maybe the different jump height just throws my play off. :slight_smile:

Halo 2.1

Ryan: Halo 2 was updated (via an Xbox Live! downloadable patch) to

  • Stop network cheating (standby)
  • Stronger melees and grenades
  • Less powerful pistol
  • Remove some text on the splitscreen displays

Ah ha… nope, still haven’t seen it. All my friends’ Lives are broken or non-existent. (no pun intended, but I won’t apologize…)

Thanks for telling me. :slight_smile:

A CD is coming out July 5 that’s gonna have the patch on it, and 7 new maps. It’s gonna be $20 I think.

yes it will include all 9 of the newerly added maps( i already have the four that was availible on live) and it will be $20. It will contain all the new maps, some documentry, behind the scenes look at the making of the maps and the v1.1 patch.

I like Halo 2 better cause of duel wealding and the rocket launcher has a lock on capability. But I hate having to play as arbiter.