HALO 2 at Omni Hotel

For those Teams staying at the Omni Hotel (and who are brining an Xbox & Halo 2) this year I want to organize some team tournament’s like CTF, Team Slayer, Team Odd Ball and maybe others as well. I looked around on the Omni hotel website and found they have free wireless internet, so we could connect together through that.

-I was thinking of Team of 4 players, and if a single FIRST team has more players than that they can divide in to team A & team B.
-Player names should be your Team # and what ever else you want, my name would be “114 Guardian”

For anyone interested let me know me on this thread, and swing by my team’s pit (Galileo Division #114) with your information: number of players, number of Xboxes, and your team’s game type list.
I will be bringing enough Cat 5 network cable to go in-between a few rooms as long as they are near each other.

I am not sure how easy it will be to connect through the Omni’s network. Last year, Someone on my team tried to get his PS2 to connect to the internet and failed.

If the Omni is anything like my college, you will have to bring a laptop to sign on to the Omni network. Then get the assigned IP address off your laptop and give it to your Xbox (possibly the MAC too). Then turn off your laptop (to avoid IP conflicts) and connect with the Xbox. Hopefully the entire hotel is on one router (most likely not), because you cant play across different broadcast domains.

I will be bringing my Xbox and laptop to the Omni. I am also bringing some Cat 5 and a switch just in case. I would suggest you bring some Cat 5 too, because the wall jack because it is more reliable and faster than wireless.


thats whats up with my college net. however to just to do lans it works…since i dont registar my xbox over my network im only allowed to use the network as basically a llan. So if you all just did system link over their network it works.

I used to be able to just plug in and system link at my college (University of Delaware). Ever since UD added more wireless access points they have tightened security. Now new comers to the network are only allowed to access the registration page and not other computers on the network, so no system link unless you are registered.

I brought my Gamecube last year, so I don’t know what the Omni is going to be like for the Xbox. There must be some way to get it to work, so prepare for everything. The only major problem I see is a possible separation of broadcast domains by tower or even by floors. Also, the routers might not be Xbox Live compatible so that would prevent Xbox Live as a work around. However, if enough people bring Xboxs, one is bound to be in your broadcast domain.

Yo i’m in. Team 75 is hoping to bring at least one xbox. We have a few really good halo2 players on our team… say one (at most two) teams of 4. TS and CTF all the way. See you there!

Team 237 has me, a mentor, and another student that plays Halo. Having a mix of team games (1 Flag CTF on Zanzibar, 1 Flag CTF on Lockout, Oddball on Lockout, Team Slayer on Coag) and free for all games (Oddball on Lockout, MLG Slayer on Zanzibar, Territories on Ascension) would be good.

OK here the info you need to connect the Omni network.

The most difficult part is to get the Xbox audio and video into the TV. The A/V in channel is 36. This works for the back A/V RCA IN port not the front one (there is no channel for the front one to the best of my knowledge). Some TVs will not get channel 36 (it is deleted), so the only solution I can think of is an RFU adapter (coaxial cable, old skool like NES) for you Xbox (I brought one and we used it). The RFU adapter needs to plug directly into the TV, not the black Web TV converter box (says “Not to be removed”). Simply unscrew the small piece of coaxial cable that plugs the Web TV box into the TV. Sometimes there is a plastic guard over the screw connector. All I can say about this is: it is possible to unscrew it without harming the plastic guard. Make sure you return the TV to normal hookups after you are done with the room.

All you need to do for system link play, plug the Xbox into the Ethernet port and set all IP and DNS settings to Automatic. DHCP will assign it an IP that will be good enough for system link play (you don’t need to give it a computer’s IP after you go through Internet registration on that computer). Do not try the plug the Xbox into a Router and then plug the router into the Ethernet port in order to share the port with a computer (you can still use wireless on the computer). I don’t know how the Omni handles these Rouge DHCP Clients, but my school network shuts the port down.

It is not possible to connect to Xbox Live. The Omni routers are old and incomparable with Xbox packets. Don’t bother trying!

My team has 3 Xboxs and 3 copies of Halo 2. We played some games tonight. We would love for other teams to join in. Talk to me (usually in Pits, will have “The Lucas” written on the back of my shirt) or Erik Enslen (probably scouting in the stands) and we can exchange hotel phone numbers so we can set up a game. I will try to talk to those of you who already posted on this thread. See you all in a couple hours! The Pits look Beautiful!