HALO for PC September 17, 2003

K guys i know all of you that have xbox or even know what xbox is :cool: has played HALO. The game has step up a new standard in game play. NOw that HALO 2 is coming for xbox They are releasing HALO for pc. AS a avid gamer who is coming off counter-strike and unreal tourtament, i was looking for a new multi player game and i think i have found it. I have been reading every review about HALO for PC and its getting great feviews. While reading the spec’s microsoft has def. stepped up the computer technology for this. A ordinary computer is not gonna cut it with the graphics this thing is wipping out. For starters the resolution for HALO is 1,600x1,200 so you are talking high end graphics card. They have not released the system requirements yet. But, i have already started buildign a high end computer to handle this game. When i finish i will put a picture of it with the specs.

So now its yoru turn
What do you think of HALO for PC? Will you play?

NOOTE: This message is from a avid gamer sorry if i look like a phsyco geek after this:ahh:

Where’s the “No, I don’t care about HALO” response? I’m not going to waste money on a port of an XBOX game I never liked, anyways. Half-Life 2, though… now that looks intriguing.

ya i am def done with all half-life and its mods i have been doing maps for cs and writing cheating scripts just because the new mods of cs suck

Here are my reasons for playing it:

  1. I hate console controls and some of my friends think that a keyboard/mouse is worse. I will thus wait for the game to come out so I can dominate them in it as I do in UT (lol, been playing that for 3 years).

  2. The graphics on PC are just superior, especially with the enhancements that are being made. For example, we played Vice City on a AMD 2700+ with a 128mb Radeon 9700 Pro, PC3200, Asus A7N8X mobo, and hooked it up to the TV to play at 1024x768 resolution. It looked soo much better than the concole version.

  3. It’ll be easier and hopefully free to play online versus the XBOX version.