HALP I Need IR Board Firmware!

I used the IR Board that came with this year’s KOP on our robot from last year to get some preliminary code working. I ran the board off of power from the RC’s Digital IO bus and bypassed the regulator through R3. After about an hour of use the IR board completely stopped responding to any combination of stimuli despite correct Vdd levels across the board and a perfect physical state (no obvious parts missing).
I took the board home and plugged it into my PIC programer through that convenient little ICSP header they added to the board only to find that the PIC16LF87 on the board was so badly fried it wouldn’t even handshake with the programmer. I’m guessing there was a surge on that bus that didn’t kill the RC but that went above the PIC’s 5.5v Absolute maximum.
I took the board back to school and soldered a through-hole DIP PIC16F88 (same part series, code should be portable in hex state) to the board where the fried uC used to be using point to point wiring and lots of super glue. I put a little program I wrote in ASM16 onto the chip to verify the LEDs, Reciever and button all worked, and then asked a team we mentor to bring in their board so I could pull the code off of their PIC and download it onto our ghetto-rigged board.
I got their IR board, plugged in my programmer, and OH NO the stock chips are code-protected! Our team is swamped and I don’t have the time to write a program for this board in ASM16.
Does anybody have a copy of that firmware I can load onto our board?
I can’t begin to explain how much that would help our team… from the time we spent mounting & coding encoders and a gyro on our new bot to the damage done to my ego from spending a full day fixing this board (lol)

You can contact the designer of the board, Bob Grieb, at [email protected] and see if he can help you.