HaMosad 1657 presents- GEAR HUNTER

HaMosasd 1657 brand new robot for the 2017 FRC game: “GearHunter”.
Thank you to our sponsors and good luck to all the team in the upcoming competitions.

We’ll try and answer all questions asked on the thread.

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Gears and climbing. I like the strategy.
What’s your typical cycle time, if you’ve gotten a chance to test that?

Also, can you tell me more about your drive train? Looks spicy; traction wheels but some omnis in the back with pneumatic brake (~1:20 in the video)? Almost looks like a 6 wheel that “shifts” into fishtail?

The time is about 4 seconds from catching the rope and reaching the top.

The drive train we call “Pashoh drivetrain”, named after the alumni that suggested the idea, The drivetrain consists of two traction wheel on each side and two onmni wheels in the back, the break lets us have a way to both have maneuvering capabilities while still having a strong drivetrain that is hard to be pushed when in a fight.