Hamosad Robotics #1657's scouting software

Hamosad Robotics #1657 are proud to present the scouting software of 2010 game BREAKAWAY.

The program is now in BETA testing phase and we want to give you a glimpse.
We plan to release the software in the end of the building session. We will be glad to hear any comments or questions.

The pictures link:

I’m trying to hold myself, but when I saw this I had such a big grin. :smiley:


You implemented exactly what I think the perfect scouting software this year should have. Make it more personal to your team’s strategic needs, and you’re probablly done. :slight_smile:

Here are some of my tips, regarding to the state of the software you’ve showed us:

  • Build your team lists per regional. As it seems, for each team you’ll need to input the name of the regional again and again and again, though it is obvious you’re talking about the Israel regional (or Atlanta [Galileo, Newton, Archimedes, Curie], if it’s the second list :wink: ).

  • Make it more user friendly: Depending on who will be involved in your scouting team in the competition, you should probably present a simple UI for the scouters when they gather information, be it in the pits or from the matches. Later on, the info they give you, the strategy analyzers, the important info that you report to the driver team (what they should do in the next match, or what teams to chose for the eliminations).

  • I’d sugest taking note of some of the comments in the topic I posted above, regarding the amount of scouters you might need.

What programming language did you use? Looks like VB.

Looking great Mosadnics! :slight_smile:
Good luck this year,

Thanks Nir, I’ll pass on your comments :wink:

As far as recall it was programed in C#, although I wasn’t the one to write it (I prefer writing my scout programs in Excel). Good luck and hopefully we’ll meet up again in Atlanta and not just the regional :wink:

looks like visual basic do you know how long this took it absolutely amazing