Hand Texturing

Are there any ways to texture a complex object like a human hand, wihout Unwrap UVW modifier?

To texture our model (made with box modeling) we’ve split it in top and bottom parts, and then painted a texture for each using Unwrap UVW with plalanar projection on both of them. The problem is that it is very difficult to match the textures on each side, which results in a noticeable seam along the edge. (see pictures)

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split model http://www.eccentrix.com/members/z80180/hand4.jpg

bottom view http://www.eccentrix.com/members/z80180/hand1.jpg

top view http://www.eccentrix.com/members/z80180/hand2.jpg

seam http://www.eccentrix.com/members/z80180/hand3.jpg

Does anyone know of any easier ways to do this? The only solutions i see right now is either splitting the mesh in 6 parts (arm and 5 fingers) and using cylindrical projection for each, or using a separate 3d painting program (like ZBrush, DeepPaint3d, etc) to paint texture directly on the object.

the links don’t work

the links don’t work

See the edit - they do not work when you click on them, but you can still see the images, if you just type the address in your browsers address line.

So, how did you model the hand? Can you post it?

So, how did you model the hand? Can you post it?

The model was made with standard meshsmooth box-modeling, similar to the claw tutorial in 3dsmax5 tutorial book. The difference was that instead of strating out from the palm, i’ve modeled the fingers first, then joined them and extruded the palm after. I can post a more detailed explanation if needed.

The only way you’re going to get rid of the seam is to make sure the scans line up properly and then edit your verticies so that they make the textures meet at the proper points. You’ll want to be sure that the textures themselves have the same tones and patterns on both sides- it looks like the back of the hand is a lot paler than the palm, so try fixing it in photoshop or rescan it first. Unless someone out there knows a better way, that is :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s exactly what i’m doing right now, but i’m still wondering if there is an easier way…

For those who dont know what he meant by Deep Paint 3D:

The best and fastest way to do proper texturing is with a program like Deep Paint 3D. I’ve seen it used and it’s awesome. If your team has some bucks to put out for animation (or maybe your team’s really really good at getting stuff donated) you can get a copy from them. Its almost like photoshop for 3D. You export your object to it, use brushes and everything in deep paint, it creates the texture map and exports it back to max. Really helpful.

The problem had been solved - without any additional software or techniques - just plain photoshopping… Now the two sides match almost perfectly. There are still many things that can be improved, like a detailed glossiness map, but we dont have much time for that.

here is what it looks like now:

(again, copy and paste the link)

Ahhh, looks excellent!

You have no idea how creepy that looks.

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**You have no idea how creepy that looks. **

Naaahh…now if you used a particle system and some nice effects…and maybe some glowing, that made the hand seem like its summoning powers from beyond…then MAYBE it’ll look creepy…

then MAYBE it’ll look creepy…

There was no intention to make it creepy… I will be glad to hear ways to reduce the creepiness in it…

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**There was no intention to make it creepy… I will be glad to hear ways to reduce the creepiness in it… **

Isn’t that a spinner somewhere…Juss change it from Creepiness 100 to 0…

…Then see if its animatable…

kay, sorry…Im done…its late, I’ll post real suggestions tommarrow :yikes: