Hands On Science (PBS) --- Minnesota

In Minnesota, I saw FRC robotics teams on television promotion FIRST Robotics to younger kids. It was on a show called “Hands On Science” on PBS.

Does anyone have any information on how I can get team 7038 involved in this community outreach opportunity?

Here is a video


The show itself isn’t about robotics or FIRST, but rather teaching/inspiring young kids about science and technology. It was a fun and interesting time for the students and teams involved. As of right now, there aren’t any plans to have teams back on the show again, they’re moving on to other topics.

Ah, brings back memories from long ago.

I got my start in robotics when one of my lads wanted to build combat robots. He was in 5th grade. Of course we did, and a MN Public TV show called Dragonfly TV did a segment on us.

Hope the link works.

He’s now a manufacturing engineer, designs robotic assembly equipment and helps me coach team 5826.