Hangar Wall Crash Testing

You mean Ariel Assist? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Our next meeting is on Monday. We can for sure set it up again but at the High bar geometry and film the results.

Our climb strategy is still to be determined. One idea put our robot hanging in this configuration, hence the testing, but we don’t quite know if it’s viable yet. General consensus seems that we are opening ourselves up to warnings, penalties and cards. The idea hasn’t been shelfed yet, but definitely needs some iteration.

Given how violent that was and how regularly occurring it can happen, I wouldn’t be surprised if FIRST comes out with a rule update regarding this. I could definitely see this cause field problem that could take longer than 10-15 minutes to resolve especially if a team manages to hit the drive station glass hard enough. It makes me question why something wasn’t included in the game manual when it was released.

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I don’t recall what the theme for that year was but I definitely don’t recall that it had anything to do with mermaid princesses :wink:



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