Hanging from other robots

For all of the people who watched/attended a week 1 regional, how many times did a robot attempt to hang from another robot? Also, how successful was it?

At Kettering, it was only attempted once. Someone tried to hang off the Enginerds, they hooked on and started to elevate but ran out of time.

We don’t compete until Lonestar, but our grasper was intentionally designed to lock onto a wide variety of things in addition to a vertical pole. If we have an alliance partner that can hang and leave something exposed that we can grab, then we will be able to do pull ourselves up.

At New Jersey there were no attempts at hanging from other robot. But i’m hoping to see some at New York, Boston, or Championships!!

None were seen at FLR.
I hope to see some at Philly, though…

At the Kansas City Regional there were no attempts and we really only saw a few machines that were consistently able to just hang themselves.

Just a heads up for week 2 webcast watchers. Flip over to Ann Arbor districts when 2337(enginerds) are playing. They should be able to pull this off if they get the right partners. Maybe someone from 2337 could post what matches it might happen in once they get the match schedule and have a chance to look at their partners.

At the end of eliminations, our team replaced our kicker (which wasn’t too great) with a bar on the outboard side / bottom to allow another team to hang from us (the number 1 seed could suspend and we sized it for their hooks if we got picked by them) but we never got the chance. We got the bugs out and hung steady our last 2 qualifying matches and our first elimination match (grabbing the poles for stability and lifting with a ratcheting boat winch and 2 CIMS in a toughbox - 1 HP of lifting capacity!), but driving issues (mechanical, not human) caused us to take a long time to get lined up on the tower before lifting.

Here’s some video of us lifting

With all mechanical problems behind us (Team 2337), I do believe we’ll be able to pull off one of the, if not the very, first suspension in the country. The match numbers and times will probably be up on the Blue Alliance.

Our winch was having problems during DC, and our elevator couldn’t get out quite far enough to grab the bar on the tower, but we discovered that we were still able to hang off of other objects…primarily, other robots. However, we did not have time to test this theory, and we are now currently revising our hanger to do what it was originally intended for; hanging from the bar. Although, our elevating mechanism height is controlled by the operator, so we can still (theoretically) hang from another robot, given the opportunity.