What parts of the GENERATOR SWITCH is the robot allowed to hang from? Is there any rules against hanging from the handle and other parts than the rung? G26 only states the certain actions dealing with the handle.

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I think it’s in the field video, you can grab the rung, the frame corner by the rung, and anything below the other metal strut that’s above and parallel to the rung.

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By G26, the only element which you may hang from is the highlighted portion.


Can you hang from two places from the two sides of the rung? The robot being on the middle?


I opened a thread today which is here

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Can the robot hang middle of Generator switch and get Level point too?

In this picture robots hang to sides but if you make your mechnism to contact both sides (basiclly it is middle ) you can make it balanced. Can our team get Level and Hang points from that ?

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You can climb any way you like with any number of contact points, and you get the 15 bonus points for leveling if the switch is level, regardless of the number of robots climbing


Yes, you can have up to 3 robots climbing on 1 switch.

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As long as that number is between 1 and 3


Hmm… Could an opposing 4th robot hang to prevent the opponents from getting LEVEL? It wouldn’t count as a HANG, so it wouldn’t be worthwhile, and they’d have to be very careful not to touch any other robots, but in theory…

How is “attaching” defined per FIRST rules?

G17 says not legal. They aren’t in their own Rendezvous Point. Might be theoretically possible if you did it right, but for most robots it won’t be plausible.

Ah, good catch.

Can a robot, without hanging, level the switch and get the level bonus (as long as a partner is hanging)?

The Generator Switch can obly be level if “all ALLIANCE ROBOTS contacting the GENERATOR SWITCH are HANGING.” Unless I’m misunderstanding your question, that means no.

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Per this section in the rules (table 4-2 on page 37) the points for being level only require one robot to be hanging to count. So you can get the level points with only one robot climbing in the center.

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And there is the risk of incurring a G15 penalty although there doesn’t seem to be a real penalty if the “victim” is already hanging.

It would be nice for you to clarify what you mean so we can give a better answer to this question. Based on previous FRC games and my interpretation of the rules, it seems the only way a robot could help their alliance balance but not climb is to use some manipulator to push the switch into a level position while their partners climb, but let go of the switch before the timer runs out. Even then, the switch would have to stay level for 5 seconds after end of match in order to count. So, practically, it seems the answer is no.

4.4.5 say 1 to 3 robots

Interesting so you can’t hang from the rung?