Hanging only strategy?

We were originally going for the herding/hanging strategy, but our drive system sucks very very badly. We can however move from the starting point, to the side of the platform climb over it, make a 90 degree turn, climb the next level and hang on the bar. We can’t really drive around on the feild for more than 30 seconds before the battery dies and the motors start over heating and the treads fall off though.

Would anyone pick us for an alliance partner if we could just do the bar? (but very consistently?!!?) :yikes:

hey, i suppose you are a rookie team, and atleast hanging on the bar is pretty good for a rookie team. Now, the alliance thing depends on your seed(rnaking
) and you uniqueness, i some team thinks that they want that extra 50 points they will choose you, but remember there might be other teams who can hang and herd, and lifht the 2x too, but i hope it all works out for you. And you have a splendid time at competition filled with fun.

Honestly, as there are well over 40 robots at every competition, I would be wary to pick one that can only perform one function… You guys should really be troubleshooting this, if it becomes apparent that your treads won’t work, maybe insert a simple 4wd drivetrain.

if your treads are falling off, put in tensioners and/or buckles to keep it in… motors overheating? put in huge 4 in muffin fans… i can’t really help with electronics, but there’s always a way to fix a bot…

example- 2000, our rookie season- our ladder was busted… a veteran team (272) came up to us and asked why we were sitting around. They whipped us in shape and got us back up, we eventually made the semifinals. Good luck in whatever you do-

Well, how well can you hang? 50 reliable points per match would be great for any alliance, but if your drive train problems start to prevent you from getting onto the platform, I would start making a back-up plan.

However, just being able to hang onto the bar is a very impressive accomplishment, especially in your first year. Congratulations and good luck.

It seems to me that no more then to bots will be able to hang in any given match. It therefor may end up being a good strategy to have one robot hang almost immediatly. However, I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you. Instead, try to get help from an experienced team when you get to you’re regional. Obviously you can’t rebuild your whole drivetrain at competition, but you might get it working well enough to herd balls. Never give on your robot. Last year our robot did little more the scoot around the feild, but I STILL have faith that will get it working one of these days. If you don’t get into finals, use that as an opportunity to see what teams that made it are capable of, and what you need to do to make it next year.

what if someone trys to block you from hanging, would you still be able to do it?

it would be EXTREMELY advisable to fix your drive train. with a drive train that only works for a limited time, there will be many cases where you are rendered immobile before you have a chance to hang. If you are a bot that can only hang, but can only do it half of the time, i would say your chances of being picked are very slim indeed.

If you can hang very reliably, you might be a good partner for teams, but as others have suggested, you should try to fix your drive train problems. The motors heating up quickly should be fairly easy to fix. It sounds like you are overgeared. Speed is nice, but reliability is better. As far as treads falling off, is there wheel misalignment, lack of guides, or ? If you can make your drive better, you can herd balls and still hang, only more consistantly.

Good luck, and have fun at your competitions.