Hanging Tubes clarification

It appears that if a game piece (ubertube or logo piece) is placed on the peg even momentarily then knocked off for any reason “it would be considered hanging through the end of the game” and therefore scored. If a logo piece was later placed where an Ubertube was knocked off from, would you get the bonus for being placed after an Ubertube was placed on that peg?

Also at the end of the game you placed a logo piece (i.e.: fully supported by the peg) and then the game ends and power is cut to the robots. Your claw then closes back on the game piece because the power was turned off to your robot, the game piece would still be scored because it momentarily was fully supported by the peg, correct?

-Thanks from team 842
Maria Castro

Scores are counted at the end of the match, per <G68>.

This Q&A might help you out a bit: http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=16282

The way I read that, if the Logo Piece is knocked off, it is descored, and no longer worth points. No bonus for placing where a descored Ubertube was.

Per your other question, I could see either way–on the one hand, it was hanging, but on the other, it’s been possessed again.

Better take these questions to Q&A.

The Q&A answer contradicts the Manual - Scored pieces are assumed to remain SCORED through the entire match…

But they are scored in their final position per <G68> and the Q&A, so the Q&A is backed up by the Manual. I can’t score one piece on all three top row pegs on a scoring grid and expect to get 9 points, but that’s what that definition says I can do.

The Manual contradicts the Manual.

Yeah. Somebody better get this to Q&A before competitions start. Which part of the Manual is correct should probably be determined soon.