Hanging with 3 robots?

Ok I misinterpreted the vertical reaching limit.

The 12" rule applies to extensions outside of the frame perimeter.

By definition, “Inside the frame peremeter” is an infinitely tall volume.

Thus, (theoretically) infinite vertical extension while in the ENDGAME and the area (whose name I can’t remember) under the rung is legal.

rendezvous point


or you can have 2 robots hanging, the switch level and a parked robot in the rendezvous point

Even if you can “lift” other robots, is it even possible with only being able to extend 12 inches outside your frame perimeter(part of which is taken up by bumpers)? My team was discussing this all day and one of our alum pointed out that there doesn’t seem to be an exception like there was in 2018. Are we missing something?

Not unless everyone else is, too.

That is a subset of @xnated’s second criterion.


I think you can… If you have 2 robots hanging on the sides and the 3rd robot hangs from the middle with 2 hanger arm thingies both on either side it might work. However, there might be a problem with weight and stuff…

We just finished that discussion before dinner break. Hanging with three seems to be ok but not lifting another. We felt that lifting another robot would not be beneficial if our lift was level it would work just as well to get the ranking point. My team decided to be better off by hanging by themselves. Good luck in 2020

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Am I missing something? Can’t you just climb in the middle with a robot on either side? Just have two hooks, one on either side of the middle support (don’t remember what those are called).

Yes but the issue is the 12 inches of extension beyond the frame perimeter.

yeah, this works, see this thread.

That doesn’t affect having three robots hanging on the bar though. That’s just an issue if you want to buddy climb.

The frame perimeter limit imposes is a vertical prism/cylinder. In the endgame in the rendezvous zone, you can go UP as far as you need to.

Yes but you can’t extend more than 12" to have forks that will reach far to support a robot. I am not talking about vertical extension.

I guess we read @Orion.DeYoe’s post differently.

I read this as the other two robots already hanging, which is supported by a later post:

or three hanging and level, big brain 90 points

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That is correct. Three robots on the bar, each supported by their own individual climbing mechanism. The original post said nothing about a triple buddy climb.

I don’t think there’s anything in rules about extending underneath. I was thinking about having a bar drop down underneath and having your alliance partner climb on that. Only issue is the height. Trying to fit two robots in 5ft 3in is no easy task. Both will have to be short. However, you would get guaranteed ranking point if climb in the middle since you would be balanced

A buddy climb doesn’t necessarily need to be forks. In 2018 robowranglers literally just intaked another robots bumpers to buddy climb

Yes, I am aware. I should’ve clarified this but it would be easier if you could deploy longer forks. You can still pull it off in 12 inches, it’s just harder.