Question about hanging:

What if, your opponent/alliance is hanging and you have a robot to get under them and half way support them at the end of the match.

Would they consider it 50 points if opponent is hanging???
Would they consider it 50 points if alliance is hanging???
Would they take your robot out from under them and see if they are still hanging without the support???

Thanks in advance
Team 930

The rule stated that **you **must be directly supported by the bar, not by another bot at the end of the match. sorry.

That says nothing about touching by another robot.

What I think the answer is to my question is that:
You can not be touching your alliance robot but if you are touching the opponent hanging robot they would still get the points
(Like the 2003 King of the Hill rules)

Sidtech can you find where it says “not by another bot at the end of the match”???

Or could someone else prove me right or wrong?

the wording I saw for supported says, if the support is removed you fall to the floor

so if a bot is below you, and you are hung up on it, and that bot is removed, and you stay on the bar you are ok.

For a robot to get under yours, you must be above it. Therefore, able to hang without a robot under you.

However, if your winch, puller, thing-a-ma-jig that you used to start to hang, backdrives and you slide down and then come to rest on the bot underneath you, referee’s may see this as you would continue to go to the floor.

I think the referee’s will get this decision as a judgement call in the end.

Ok, lets use common sense like Dean said. At the end of the match, are you touching ANYTHING except the horizontal bar? If the answer is no, you get 50 points. If the answer is yes, you dont get points.

It’s as simple as that people.


[edit] As John pointed out, if youre hanging and touching another robot, but not supported by it, youre considered to be hanging.

I think you’ve gotten a little too simplistic.

Re read the manual.

A hang is a hang is a hang… If you are being supported by the bar, but leaning against another robot, you get points. If you are being supported by another robot, you get no points. Refs will use common sense when determining this.

Hanging is tough. It’s even tougher with 3 robots already on the bar.
Be prepared accordingly.


Common sense only goes so far, this is being heavily discussed in another thread.
To your conclusion, “if the answer is yes,” you might get points, depending on what and how it is touching.

One must assume the intention of the chin-up bar is to do a chin-up.

If a person does a chin up, and is holding on to the bar with their chin over it, then a spotter comes over and holds their legs, the person is still supported DIRECTLY by the chin-up bar, but is also partially supported by the spotter.
If the person lets go, (detaches their direct support from the bar) the personal will fall, or the spotter will continue to hold them. However, if the spotter lets go the following could happen:

  1. Person can not continue to hold and ends up with feet on the floor.
  • Robot’s mechanism is backdriven and the robots wheels come to the platform
  1. Person continues to hold on to the bar, keeping their feet of the ground.
  • Robot’s mechanism hold on to the bar, keeping it’s wheels of the ground.