Hanson Hobbies PWM Servo Cable Kits

I just wanted to share this with CD, this is a great place to get PWM connectors at a really great price:


You can make your own custom length PWM cables.

Bought some last year, and the kits are good. I got the deluxe crimper though, it works better than the “economy” crimper.

Also see this post(and the thread in which it appears).


Oh Yeah! I’ve been looking for these!
Thanks for the post!


We’ve been using Hansen Hobbies for about 3 years now.
I have never had any issues, except once when shipping was delayed for a few days. We use the economy crimper, it works fine.

We have found though, that unless you really need or want something custom, or are really strapped financially, it’s easier to just buy the pre-made ones.

We do make our own custom ones as needed, or in a pinch when we need one and don’t have one.

Reference post says 24ga wire is required for servos.

<R70> 24AWG or larger.

Last year we used 18AWG for a 10-foot run to a servo. Nobody cared. (Except the servo, of course, which would NOT run at the end of 10 ft of 24AWG.)