Happy anniversary

Happy ship/bag day anniversary :innocent:


For all you mentors out there, happy “none of your current students were around for bag-and-tag era, the last ones graduated last year”!


I love interjecting the “back in my day…” stories to my team. Some of the pull ties showed up recently. It was funny how many questions it raised.

But like, back in my day, we crated up our robot to ship via FedEx.


These two picks popped up in my FB memories today.


This video was posted five years ago, yesterday. Challenge still accepted @Ryan_Swanson.



12th grader here, joined my team in 8th grade. I remember the night those blue tags had to go on. We would look at what needed to be fixed through the plastic! There are very few of us left.


I was also around for “ship day” as in put the robot in a crate and wave goodbye till the regional.

I tell students that and they look at me like I predate the invention of electricity.


The next generation will ask “what was a regional?” “You got how many plays for many dollars??” the continued, “and teams paid for that?”


My daughter said, “We used to lock the robot in a dark box and send it away from home. Now they just suffocate it.”


And for most of that time you had to do both when you went to champs (put a bagged robot into a crate).

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I loved this when I was in Hawaii put the unfinished robot in the bag and then in the crate and cry because you know all of practice day is going to be hell.

The back in my day stories are always fun. We don’t keep our robots for long (this year is the first time we didn’t tear down the previous robot in preseason), so it’s always fun finding bits of an old mechanism and telling them some of the back story of it. We even have some parts from our high schools previous team 1064 - the one @Kevin_Kolodziej started while at a student at MSOE!

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Our team’s spending on parts and raw materials since the end of bag & tag is thousands less per year than it used to be. The bag certainly isn’t the only factor in play, but this has been helpful to us.

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not if Minnesota has anything to say about it :cry: :laughing:

Great now I’m sad


The bags are still great for robot transportation in inclement weather.


Heh, our crate is now the “table” for our Omio!

Funny story. The year they stopped Bag & Tag, we took the bag and bagged our whole drive team. That is until somebody, in the bag, passed gas :nauseated_face:

Same here we don’t keep bots around for a long, however, I did start a tradition back in 2017 of keeping whatever robot component has the inspection stickers on it, its an interesting collection of parts now

nah, robot umbrella is the play