Happy Birthday NEMO!

NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) is celebrating our second anniversary by launching our new website, www.firstnemo.org. Mentors can now join NEMO by completing the registration form found on the website.

Please note that our white papers are all in one section (Resources) as well as links to other websites you might find helpful. The Calendar page lists upcoming NEMO workshops and includes a link to a listing of 2006 FIRST Off-season Events.

We hope you find the website useful - please let us know if you can think of additional information to post.

We also celebrate that we are now 150 members strong - and if you are a mentor who deals with the non-engineering aspects of your team (mentor recruitment and retention, travel, fundraising, team organization, teambuilding, etc.), please consider joining us! NEMO is open to mentors from all four FIRST programs.

Happy Birthday NEMO!! Congrats on the new website too. And there has been something that has been bothering me…Why is there no EMO for those engineering problems they may have that no one around them can help them with?

I believe that’s what CD is for! Have you come across a question that CDer’s haven’t been able to answer??? If it floats your boat, I say go start one! Have fun!

My thanks to Kathie (who leaves me breathless :slight_smile: ) for getting the site up and running. Check out the off-season events listed on the Calendar page and our newest papers on the Resources page- Mark McLeod’s “Publicity Tips” and another on “Contact Your Elected Officials.”


NEMO needs a cake and candles.

Thanks for everything.

Congratulations NEMO!

I don’t think we need an EMO organization of engineers. They’d all end up as depressed as Marvin. :ahh:

“It’s always ‘Marvin, can you fix this buggy autonomous?’ or ‘Design a gearbox for me, Marvin.’ Really, I have the brain the size of a planet and you want me to design four-speed shifting transmissions for a swerve-drive robot? Call that job satisfaction? 'Cos I don’t.”

[42 nanoseconds later…]

“Here is your pitiful transmission drawings that you wanted. Now do you want me to rust where I am or disintegrate in the corner?”

Happy birthday, NEMO! I’d like to thank you for your white papers. How old is NEMO now?


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OK, two.

Happy Birthday NEMO :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, NEMO!

(I swear, I still think there’s something fishy about them, but I can’t put my finger on it. ;))

And we’d like to thank DCA Fan for all his hard work in designing our website - a project begun a long time ago for NEMO!

My pleasure, always glad to help in any way :slight_smile:

two years? No way. Where’d that go?

Happy B-DAY!!!