Happy Birthday to A music and Tech Pioneer

**Just wanted to say happy 96th birthday to the great Les Paul.

A pioneer in both music and technology, Les Paul created one of the most commercially successful solid body electric guitars, The Gibson Les Paul. Not only that, he was an virtuosic jazz guitarist himself and an incredible electrical engineer. His invention of multi-track recording would change the music and sound recording industry forever. Being someone who wants to go into recording engineering and a musician myself, i personally owe a big thanks to Les Paul to being one of my major inspirations in life. So a big thank you to both Les Paul and all sound engineers that have inspired me.

Also, a special thanks to Al Skierkiewicz for taking the time during at St. Louis to have a wonderful conversation with me about the industry that Al has spent his life working in. It was a huge learning experience for me, and I look forward to doing it again sometime, Al.**


Anytime with anyone. Les Paul was a great influence on me as well. I had a chance to travel up to Milwaukee last year and see the Les Paul traveling exhibit. If you get a chance sometime you need to see it. It had some of those early Ampex machines I talked about linked up as a eight tracks. Also on display was one of the early “lumber” solid body guitars made out of a 4x4.