Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday, and i noticed that i had a little ‘happy birthday’ graphic added to all my posts. Pretty cool.

One question about that: I see that it is not really a graphic, but just text. What codeing do you use to get the orange backing with the fuzzy border that matches the letters?


Stolen directly from this page’s source…

<TABLE style=filter:glow(color=#FF8800, strength=#+10)><font class="nf"><b>Happy Birthday Jack!</b></font></table>

Yeah. He got it.

It unfortunately only shows up on IE, I think. I know I can’t see that style with Mozilla, at least.

*Originally posted by Brandon Martus *
**It unfortunately only shows up on IE, I think. I know I can’t see that style with Mozilla, at least. **

Speaking of browsers, I was checking out the stats for CD last night, and saw that there were supposedly zero views made with Konqueror (which I thought strange, seeing as how I used Konq exclusively before Mozilla 1.1 came out). Well, I fired up Konq, checked into CD, browsed around a bit, and rechecked the stats… Still zero… Perhaps it’s just not registering…

I don’t really have a point, I just think it’s rather strange… More people visiting CD via lynx than Konq?


That stats page is seriously messed up, in general. Once vB3 is out, it most likely will be replaced or not be re-installed.

which reminds me, didn’t you say vB3 would be out in like, september? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha yeah.

There is a beta out that you mess around with, but the source code has not been released yet. They just wanted to allow people to find bugs before they do their first beta release.


They don’t have the actual new vb3 style up, to keep it a surprise, but the new functionality is there.

Anyway… I hope to see a beta within a few weeks. And yes, I will not be changing these forums over until I can put a few of our ChiefDelphi-specific features into it. I’d also have a few people from here go to that beta forum and go crazy on it for a while, to find bugs and other things. Once we think its ready, I’d switch over to vb3. It most likely will not be any time from Jan->April. So hopefully a stable version comes out soon, eh?

Some of those 289 lynx views are mine :slight_smile: Yay for console browsing!

i think one or two are mine, cause jim and joe told me it was cool to use lynx. i don’t know what they were smoking… :stuck_out_tongue: