Happy Birthday?!

Hi guys.
On the saturday of the championship event it will be my mom’s 40th birthday and since it’s not exactly cheap to take her to Hawaii where she’d wanted to go and since she’ll be with our team (930) down at the competition and cheering everyone on, we feel like we’re forgetting her. I saw one regional where they sang happy birthday so someone, does anyone know who I would talk to, to see if we could get the thousands of people down there to sing happy birthday to her before the quarter,semi, or finals? Thanks in advance for any help!

You could always talk to the MC or the announcer. I’m sure even having her named mentioned will be good, right?

BTW that is my birthday as well.

That’s what I was thinking too
Thanks man and happy birthday in advance! I’ll give you a hug if you come by our pits and remind me :slight_smile: 930

you should probably talk to the mc, announcer, or DJ.

if you get this thing rolling, i’d be more than happy to join in on the singing! :smiley:

at the pacific northwest regional we got mark leon (the mc) to have everyone sing happy birthday… heres how we did it…

  1. told a random volunteer that was walking by
  2. he told the head reff
  3. talked to the head ref to get the name passed to the mc
  4. start singing…
    the kid was really shocked… it was tons of fun
    hope this helps :slight_smile:

Definately, thanks man!

Someone else’s birthday is that day too, but I dont know if Im allowed to say it yet :wink:

We definatley have to get that together. I’ll see if i can help you out there.

Really, whois that?

Haha, oy.

I wasn’t the one who said it! :smiley:

As an announcer I would recomend that you speak to the MC. I do know that FIRST does not like to interupt the elim rounds. The best time would be during qualifying rounds.

Thanks steve, that’s really want I want to avoid is making people mad with this while still getting as many people as I can to sing…a few thousand at nationals :slight_smile: right before the last match or something would be absolutely hilarious!

$@#$@#$@#$@#, I wish I had thought of that! My Mom’s birthday was during UTC and she was a little mad at me for being so busy…

It might be easier to approach the pit announcer? They’re used to teams coming up to them and they’re usually a bit more laid back than the field crew (or maybe thats just the guys at UTC the past couple of years who have been really cool)

yeah, my team has a b-day too. on friday. guess a whole bunch of us will have to go bug the MC.