Happy Chinese New Year!!!

For those of you who came from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or any chinese family, Happy Chinese New Year!!! Best wish for a new year to come!!!

Don’t throw away the red pocket money too quickly ;-).

Happy New Year to All who celebrate it. I hope this year brings much luck and success and lots of monkeys. You guys are celebrating Year of the monkey aren’t u so why not have one hehe. :wink:


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :smiley:

I love this day!! I really think we should have this day off but-- hey i live in Florida and well my county there are not many Chinese. But I am and I wish everyone who celebrates and doesn’t-- A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!

Yea Happy New Year I know some one from China so I know a lot about it.

Yes, Happy Chinese New Year, and Happy New Year to all the Koreans, Japanese, and everyone else who celebrates today!

I think I heard somewhere that the Chinese New Year only comes once every twelve years. Is this true? I’m thinking it isn’t, but I could be wrong… :confused:

Each year has an animal, and there are 12 animals. Thus Chinese New Year happens each year, but it won’t be the year of the Ram (what it was last year) for another 12 years.

Do you know when the next year of the ox is going to be. That’s what I am so I wanted to make that year special somehow. Let me know. :slight_smile:

2009, I think.

Since we’re talking about the chinese zodiac, I was wondering what everybody was. Example: I’m an Ox according to it. How about you guys? :smiley:

I’m a Tiger prrrrrrrrrrr… er, i mean… RAAAAWR!! :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m a rabbit-- the luckest sign!

Cool. I like rabbits. My brother used to have one. I swear that thing was stupider than the things it eats… Eh, whatever. <for post above> Since you are a tiger, what kind of tiger would you be? example: white? orange? anthropomorphic? :smiley:

I spent all my red pocket money at the Great Lake Regionals. Only 8 more years till the year of my Chinese Zodiac.