Happy Father's Day

A special thank you goes out to all of the dads and to all of the men who continue to work with, counsel, and guide young people - helping to shape their lives and futures into ones of productivity, satisfaction, and accomplishment. You make a difference.


I second this. This morning when I woke up I almost called every male mentor on my team to say happy father’s day. Then I realizede it would probbably be a little creepy, so I’m just going to thank them at tomorrow’s meeting :]

I don’t think that would be creepy, I’d get a kick out of a call from the students on my team, or and email.

Thanks to Jane for the special wishes on Father’s Day!

And I’ll pass along my sincere wishes to all those Fathers out there who spend time with their robotics teams!

Happy Fathers Day! Epecially to all the fathers doubling as coaches on our team, enjoy the day with your families! Thank you for all you do!:slight_smile: