Happy FIRSTmas Eve!!!!

What is everyone wishing for???:wink:

A good season full of memories and hopefully success. Perhaps a shooting game :slight_smile:

Yay my 111 post. 111 is definitely one of my favorite teams and I wish them and everyone else good luck this season.

A game as easy as Lunacy.

Im wishing the Kinect will be completely optional. Additionally, i hope the game is very spectator friendly, and that our team can come up with a game-changing bot!


The return of the minibot! whips out shield

i’m hoping for a game with simple gameplay, but interesting strategies… and challenging or innovative tasks.

Complex game, Flat field, high scores, NO MINIBOT, and awesome Einstein matches.

A game where defense is as important as offense, like football.

A great season!

(and Mick Jagger at the Worlds! Bring 'im there!)](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjIwmJMqrco)

(Dear Kamen Clause?)
I wish for a successful season in which we not only build an elegantly efficient robot, but teach the newer members as much as we learned in our first years!

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You may need more than one shield…maybe more than 100.

I wish for safe travels to all teams this year, and for a game that’s fun to volunteer for (though aren’t they all?)

A game that I won’t dislike.

I wish for a wonderful season and being champions in the LA regional.

Yay 50th post

Oh Hai.

A game everyone can enjoy; from rookies to vets.

I’m wishing for something like my rookie year. Breakaway was easy for spectators to understand, simple for rookies (us) to build a competitive robot, and also coined the phrase for our team “We’ve gotta 469 it. Think like Michigan teams do!”

Or, something like Aim High. I read the Behind the Design book for that and a game like that looks amazing, not to mention the things I could do with a bot built for that at Demos :smiley:

Aaaannnd, if it’s not too much Santa Kamen, please give everyone a safe season and guide the rookies to a successful season :slight_smile:

I don’t think that will be a problem for Santa Kamen

i really think it will be football!

I wish for a game that will help get more students in my home county interested in robotics, resulting in an increase of students that want to join the team. And I also hope that the game is interesting enough to keep the current new students on board the entire season and makes them want to continue robotics throughout high school.

A Great season with lots of lessons learned, and great memories made!