Happy Fourth of July

This day 238 years ago, our founding fathers declared independence from Great Britain… Now were one of the strongest countries around, and we build pretty cool robots too!

'Murica for the win.

(Other countries build cool robots too. We don’t judge.)

Happy late Canada Day!

Happy 4th of July to everyone in America!

Team 1946 congratulation all the USA FLL FTC FRC Teams to celebrate the anniversary of USA independence

America builds awesome robots, but then you look at the Canadian robots and think,

Happy and safe Fourth of July. I will not be setting off fireworks, but will be eating well. I have spent this week working in a fireworks tent as security overnight. Not a stressful job, but a long one. I hope everyone gets to enjoy family and friends in a safe environment and remember those who serve our country in military, police, fire and other services to protect us.
As a mother and wife of military, I am proud of your service and wish you the best.