Happy Groundhog Day!

So what do you guys think… if the groundhog see’s his shadow should we get six more weeks to build on our robot? :smiley:

That’d be pretty funny. But thats a little too long don’t cha think?

But on the normal groundhog day, does any one know the results? Are we doomed for 6 more weeks of cold?

Cold? In florida you ask…yes…it gets cold…well for me =] yesterday i woke up and it was 46º :ahh:

Well… Its Groundhog day

again!     (didnt we do this yesterday? :^)

I wouldn’t mind having this day repeat itself a few times. It would give us more time to work on our robot.

I always thought Groundhogs day should be best 2 out of 3. That way there aren’t any mistakes made.

I want ground hogs day to at least give us some more time, I mean, we still need to start actually building process, instead of a little at a time, we also need the wackos to finalize the darn designs, instead of constantly changing them…

yeah but then every morning it would be back the way it was ‘yesterday’ when you started

Well thats like a paradox and the repeating would be completly pointless.

Your right, it would be completely pointless, and annoying, doing the same thing every day, every day.