Happy Halloween!!!

I just couldn’t resist passing this one along to everyone -


Just remember - these are the people that are bringing you all the fun and excitement of the FIRST program! Just don’t be surprised if it is a little wierder than normal… :eek:

Have a Happy (and safe) Halloween everyone (and stay away from the marshmallow pumpkin “peeps” - those things are NASTY!)


Is there a Segway costume? frown I wonder if they’ll make them if segways become extremely popular…=D

Can we get descriptions of what everyone is supposed to be? Some of them are just confusing.

This is a great picture… what a motley crew.

Is that Michael Robbins in a court jester outfit. very nice. Then, we have our executive director dressed as a large ballerina. That is a good costume.

I’m trying to imagine what Eric Rasmussen is supposed to be. Obviously, he did not get into it as much as some of the administration, but I wonder what his “code” says on his chest.


I think he might be a BSOD. (Blue Screen Of Death)

Even better - the court jester is Steve Chism!


Yes indeed… I could not agree with you more Dave. Those peeps are nasty.

So instead of eating them, what you do is challenge someone to “peep wars”.

Each person chooses a peep and then you throw them all in the microwave. Put it on a minute or two and hit start. After that (if they don’t blow up) whoever’s peep is bigger wins!!

But… it is more fun if they DO blow up. :yikes:

(As long as you don’t have to clean it up)

I just might try that with my friend if he comes over.
I hate those things…yuck! Mom and Dad like them frozen…cringes