Happy Holidays animations

Our team decided to do a coupld of animations for the holiday season:

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Gee, we wish we had our animation team still :frowning:

What happened to your animation team?

Sorry about the spelling error in the first post.

Well when I broke the news to them that they were not offering the Excellence in Design award this year, they kind of turned around and left. With FIRST taking away a major aspect of their work lives, the robotics program just wasn’t worth their time anymore. It’s ironic because they are the same three people that I worked with two years ago to produce this video, which won us the now-defunct award at the Oklahoma regional during the 2010-11 season.

With that award gone, I just have one piece of advice for your team: give them projects. Something to “fight” for. Certain projects may not only help the team in the long run, but teach your teammates more skills for which they can utilize in the future. Basically, a lack of productivity will yield a lack of interest, and losing team members is always a sad event that we try to avoid :frowning:

Oh, I’m implying you knew that this award was not going to be offered this year. Definitely invest your team into Chairman’s now. The judges like pretty videos :smiley:

Absolutely adorable! :] 3081 has never had an animation team, but this makes me wish we did!