Happy Holidays Everyone!

On behalf of everyone at The Robot Shop, I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!


What are you doing for the holidays? is anyone else spending more time working on FRC stuff than with thier family?

I think I am more exited about it being less than 10 days until the 2015 FRC kickoff than I am about Christmas…
See the countdown here: FRC.therobotshop.org



I can’t sleep so I’m working on CAD.

Bah. Hexbug.

I got more robotics tools for Christmas than gifts haha.

Same here!

I got a couple of textbooks on spacecraft dynamics! I’m ready for the zero-G / neutral-buoyancy water game!

Those are the best gifts???

What did all of you get for Christmas? Anyone else get tools?

Sure, I got a soldering station and a helping hands, and gave my oldest son (Gixxy) the Ridgid cordless drill and hammer drill set. I also spent some time eyeballing some metalworking tools (e.g. tubing benders and sheet metal brakes) while I was supposed to be Christmas shopping.