Happy Holidays, Y'all!

It’s been a bit of a rough fall for a lot of FIRSTers, and a bit of a rough several years for just about everyone. I’m looking forward to taking the next ten days off and just relaxing, spending time with family/pets/hobbies, and just generally decompressing, and I hope most of you get the opportunity to do the same before jumping feet-first into another season of FRC.

I’m thankful for all the people–volunteer and paid–who work hard to bring this amazing experience to our students, and to try to make it as worthwhile as it can be for each one of them.

We’ve got thousands of people who want everyone to make badass robots that perform well on the field, and that their teams can be proud of–from employees at companies and non-profits like REV and AndyMark and ThriftyBot and WCP (and others) and WPI and FIRST official, to team-run awesomeness like programming, CAD, and 3D-printing resources like PathPlanner, all the team-created and shared great stuff on the “best 3D printed parts for FIRST” thread, Ri3D teams, etc., to the countless individuals who reach out here and elsewhere to help people who need to make their robots more better-er, and every one of y’all rock.

Have a Merry whatever-you-celebrate, and if you don’t celebrate, have a great couple of weeks regardless. Things are about to get really busy, and it’s time to charge those human batteries for the months ahead.

Have a great couple of weeks, and to those of you in the US, stay safe and warm this weekend; it’s gonna be a doozy.


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