Happy Jewish New Year

from our roboticist friends at the Technion:

Thank you and Shana Tova.

from Slidell, LA

Thank you Jon! You brought a smile to my face today! L’Shana Tova and may 5773 bring you joy and happiness!

Shana Tova I am sure going to miss not competing at Nokia Center in Tel Aviv. After so many trips, Israel is like a second home. Going to miss a lot of friends. Shalom from the former mentor of Team 1662.

Does that mean you guys are not coming in 2013?

Looks that way. I am now with at a public. They cannot go to Israel.

Shana Tova, all.
A happy, healthy peaceful new year to all of you from the Kamen family.

שנה טובה to all!
We wish the CD community, FIRST, and everyone else a good, productive year, and may all teams succeed in achieving thir goals for the 2013 season and beyond.
As we say in Hebrew, may your year be as sweet as an apple in honey.

I’m really sad to hear that… I really enjoyed playing with and against your team, even though you kicked our @#@#$@# when at the opposite side of the field. I hope things will change in the future and you’ll manage to pay us a visit, Raptor Force is allways welcome in israel :slight_smile:

Shana Tova from team 1836! Looking forward to a sweet new year filled with awesome robots and gracious professionalism! :smiley: