Happy kick off day everyone!

By my little calculations we have 650 some more minutes until 11 am tomarrow! yay yay yay

AND since i am so hyper cause i ate a whole ton of Jelly Bellies a few hours ago I even caculated the seconds at 39,000 WOW thats just to many isn’t it! I cant wait

Bad Brad

Next you should try pixie sticks.
THAT will get you hyper :slight_smile:

I don’t know about that!! The first thing it says on my 40 flavor, 1 pound, 4 ounce box, in the ingredience is sugar and lots!!
And by the way i eat about 10 of those flavors lol hah

I know, how about Pixie Stiks and Mt. Dew. That should keep you going till after the Nationals :smiley:
If you are going to the kick-off, have fun and take a lot of notes. If you are watching the NASA feed, have fun and take a lot of notes. :slight_smile:

Wayne Doenges

Ahh… New Year’s day is upon us.